Novena Multi Cooker -3L (NMC-321S)

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Multi Cooker

1. Culinary Harmony in One Appliance

Elevate Your Cooking Experience

Introducing our Multi Cooker, the culinary maestro that orchestrates a symphony of flavors in your kitchen. This section explores how this all-in-one appliance seamlessly blends various cooking techniques, promising a transformative experience for any home chef.

Culinary Diversity:

  • Master multiple cooking styles effortlessly
  • Saut√©, slow cook, steam, and more in a single device
  • Unlock a world of culinary possibilities with one appliance

2. Time-saving Magic for Busy Lives

Effortless Cooking, Instant Delights

Discover the magic of time-saving cooking with our Multi Cooker. This section highlights how this versatile kitchen companion streamlines meal preparation, making it the perfect solution for busy individuals and families who crave delicious, home-cooked meals without the time-consuming hassle.

Efficiency Redefined:

  • Prepare meals up to 70% faster
  • Ideal for quick, flavorful recipes
  • Effortlessly accommodate hectic lifestyles

3. Culinary Confidence Unleashed

Master Every Dish with Ease

Empower your culinary journey with the confidence that our Multi Cooker instills. This section emphasizes the user-friendly features and intuitive design that make cooking a joy for both beginners and seasoned chefs. Unleash your inner chef and create gourmet masterpieces effortlessly.

User-Friendly Excellence:

  • Intuitive controls for easy operation
  • Perfect for both novice and experienced cooks
  • Elevate your cooking skills with culinary confidence


  • Multipurpose Use
  • Easy to Clean
  • Non-Stick Removable Pot
  • Glass Lid
  • Stainless Steel Steamer
  • Volume Function for Heat
  • Voltage : 220v
  • Frequency: 50hz
  • Power: 1000w

One Appliance, Infinite Culinary Adventures: Multi Cooker

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